Your donation will help us continue our vital work providing financial aid, mentoring, career guidance and leadership development to students entering college.

By giving to MADE Foundation today, you will help to ensure that our youth are given the support they need to attain their future goals. Your generosity will contribute to the unique services we provide to our scholars:

Mentor Services

It is inevitable to journey through life and be a success without the help of someone else. The personal growth that a mentor can help a child achieve will indeed create a lasting legacy. Mentoring will change a mind, save a life, heal a broken heart, and save generations to come! A child’s reach towards their ability to succeed is a reflection of what we give to those that follow after us. Mentoring is teaching, being an active listener, a resource, an outlet, a role model, a motivativator, and above all things a mentor makes a difference. Help to grow a child by becoming a MADE mentor.

Counseling Services

Give a child the opportunity to receive counseling from a licensed professional counselor to help our youth discover the attributes that make up who they are as individuals while continuing to foster a healthy mentality.

Free Camp

Your donation will allow MADE to host free sport camps lead by professional trainers and athletes. The goal of these camps is to improve skills, keep kids active and healthy, socially engaged while having fun. Our free camps are filled with fun games and drills that keep players engaged and energized, while improving the fundamentals required for the game. Plus, our counselors and coaches will reinforce the importance of sportsmanship and fair play throughout the week.

We simply cannot do what we do without our volunteers, sponsors and supporters. Give a donation to help hundreds of kids a chance to get involved with sports​