(Co-Founder/Treasurer) Jameon, the Co-Founder/Treasurer of the M.A.D.E. Sports Foundation, is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in Sports Management at Liberty University. Willis is originally from Tarboro, N.C. where he met and has since been life-long friends with Atlanta Falcons RB Todd Gurley, Co-Founder of the M.A.D.E. Sports Foundation. Growing up, Willis was exposed to a challenging upbringing where he was raised by his mother in a poverty-stricken area. Sports served as the catalyst and motivation for Willis to triumph over the socioeconomic barriers that were placed upon him as a child. After interning at Roc Nation while in school, Willis developed a passion to help those who were in a similar situation to the one he once was. Since then he has dedicated himself to giving back and guiding today’s youth towards positive lifestyle choices and promoting safe and healthy behaviors by organizing youth sports camps, establishing mentoring programs and speaking at numerous youth organizations.