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WATCH: Todd Gurley and Julio Jones hype each other up walking to workout

By Rashad Milligan via Sports Illustrated

Todd Gurley II is on a mission.

As he said in “The Bigger Picture” roundtable discussion, this offseason has been one for the books for the veteran running back. This has been the hardest-working offseason of his life, he said, and New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton vouched for him when he said every time he walked into a certain workout facility, Gurley was always there.

The star running back who was once the offensive player of the year just a couple of seasons ago took being cut by the franchise that drafted him personally. In an age where the running back loses value seemingly by the year, Gurley wants the Rams, and the rest of the league, that he still has something to say.

In a video posted on his Made Foundation Instagram account, Gurley is walking through a desert in California with Julio Jones. The video opens with Jones highlighting the fact moments like those aren’t blasted on social media until after the fact. Even in the post itself, Gurley didn’t promote it on his personal account and the minute clip starring the two NFL stars has less than 600 views, as of Friday morning.

The video continues as Gurley tells Jones some of the things he’s learned about work ethic from watching “The Last Dance.” He talked about how Michael Jordan woke up at 6 a.m., filmed “Space Jam” all day and still worked out afterward. Jones said some people have the discipline, but aren’t consistent. Both the new teammates agreed coming to work hard every day is the best opportunity to stand out.

You can watch the clip in the video above or below here:

In “The Bigger Picture,” Gurley said he’s caught with Matt Ryan on a couple of occasions, but he’s really spent the most time with Jones in California.

Gurley’s foundation also hosted a star-studded Instagram live discussion on social justice earlier this week. Participants included Grady Jarrett, Jalen Rose, Desi Banks and Martin Luther King III. The new Falcons’ star was also featured in a new Gatorade commercial, sporting Falcon gear.